AdProe was founded in 2021 with a vision to allow publishers to focus on what they do best: create awesome content and engage users. This is what many of our publisher partners are excited about when they get out of bed in the morning, but creating good content is hard work and they deserve a worthwhile income to continue to do what they do best. Our mission is to help make publishing worthwhile and to support online content creation available to billions of readers across the globe.


INCREASE REVENUE This is why we exist. We generate additional revenue for publishers; no point in working with us if we can’t do that. INNOVATION The AdProe team have worked in the programmatic space since 2018 and saw the potential of the programmatic media both for Advertisers and Publishers. It was the innovation that attracted that and the continuous innovation in the industry that kept them excited about the industry for more than 4 years now. Innovation is ingrained in the programmatic and in the AdProe team, always ready to offer publishers the latest innovations that can add value to the bottom line. NOT A ONE TRICK PONY There are many companies out there that can offer one great product. We believe in a broad programmatic solution approach, delivering great products and services. We take a broad view on monetisation and add value where value can be added. We see ourselves as the Swiss army knife of publisher monetisation solutions. GO THE EXTRA MILE  We strongly feel that doing enough is not enough. The status quo needs to be challenged, it can always be better. Whether it be campaign results or the latest technologies, we dig deeper to uncover potential.